Passengers evacuated as cruise ship and tanker collide

A Mediterranean cruise ship carrying over 850 passengers had to be evacuated following a collision with an oil tanker off Turkey’s coast early on Saturday morning.

Over 850 holidaymakers had to evacuate when a cruise ship and tanker collided in the Mediterranean at the weekend

Over 850 holidaymakers had to be evacuated when a cruise ship and tanker collided in the Mediterranean at the weekend Image by Andrew Smith     / CC BY 2.0

With a massive dent in the hull, police said a major disaster was averted on the Celestyal Crystal due to the prompt response of emergency services following the crash with the STI Pimlico tanker along the Dardanelles Strait.

Two crew staff and a passenger suffered only minor injuries during the incident. However all 853 passengers and 482 crew were taken off the ship and brought to Gallipoli by bus. The company immediately cancelled the remainder of the cruise trip while the structural damage to the vessel was being assessed and fixed.

The Daily Mail reported that the quick arrival and actions of the emergency services were responsible for preventing an outbreak of fire or an explosion following the fuel spill from the commercial vessel which was on a journey to Malta from Russia carrying highly flammable naptha fuel.

Celestyal Cruises said on its website that it was arranging for full refunds for passengers or alternatively it would arrange for holidaymakers’ to finish their breaks on other boats.

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