Orlando tops the charts as the most visited city in the US

Orlando has once again topped the charts as the US’s most visited destination.

. Image by Zsolt Varga / CC BY-SA 2.0

On Monday night officials from Visit Orlando, Orlando’s tourism board announced that Orlando had hit a record 66 million visitors, up from 62 million visitors in 2014.

Of those visitors, 5.5 million were international, and 60.5 million were domestic travellers.

Disney Orlando. Image by Sam Howzit / CC BY 2.0

Most travellers visiting Orlando are from Canada and Brazil and the number haven’t suffered in spite of a currency issues in Canada and a slowdown in Brazil.

The increase in number of visitors has been attributed to the opening of much-hyped new attractions and theme parks such as the Universal Studios' Harry Potter ride, Diagon Alley, and Walt Disney World's revamped Fantasyland.

Orlando, Florida. Image by Martin Lopatka / CC BY-SA 2.0

The increased number of travellers has also been attributed to Visit Orlando’s campaign Neverending Story, which encouraged people who visited Orlando to share their experiences and personal stories via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Florida Image by Emilio Labrador / CC BY 2.0

Orlando has long been a popular family tourist destination what with its theme parks and fantasy lands. But outside the studios there’s also a rich landscape complete with nature reserves and very pleasant weather that makes it a worthwhile visit whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not!