NY State's train upgrade to allow tourist access to remote areas

The state of New York wants to expand its tourism options by extending a train route specially for visitors to the area while also creating a trail through the Adirondacks which will be multi-purpose.

New York state regulators plan to boost tourism by extending trains into  the Adirondacks

New York state regulators plan to boost tourism by extending trains into the Adirondacks. Image by Joseph Bylund / CC BY 2.0

The state’s regulators believe these steps will significantly boost tourism to this remote area because at present they are on accessible on foot, kayak or by canoe.

Unveiling their plan this week, the regulators say that the wilderness train has the potential to allow people from the old to the young,with varying abilities, to gain access to remote places they would not see otherwise.

NewsOK reports that the new blueprint would see the tourist train extend on its southwestern part to almost 120 miles of a rail corridor while converting the northeastern part into a 34-mile recreational trail as far as Lake Placid.

The plan also includes the development of a community connector snowmobile trail surrounding the corridor.

It is estimated that it will cost $11 million alone to rehabilitate the tracks by bringing them up to standard for passenger train speeds of 30 mph.

Controversy has surrounded the future of the rail corridor through some of the wildest reaches of the Adirondacks for years. Those in favour have urged the State to create a 90-mile multi-use trail. However, the train buffs just want the tracks restored. The state would now appear to be attempting a compromise by what it has planned.

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