NY roller coaster breakdown leaves riders stranded

Coney Island’s iconic Cyclone roller coaster broke down on its seasonal debut yesterday, forcing riders to make a “terrifying” climb to safety.

The famed Coney Island Cyclone, which broke down on its seasonal debut yesterday

The famed Coney Island Cyclone, which broke down on its seasonal debut yesterday. Image by Ron Cogswell / CC BY 2.0

Over a dozen riders were left suspended high in the New York sky for ten minutes before they had to walk hand-in-hand with rescue personnel down the steep slope of the roller coaster before safely getting back on the ground.

The New York Post reported that there was looks of fear on the riders' aces as they finally got to safety with one of those rescued, Diana Elsener, 34, describing the experience as “extremely terrifying.”

An isolated “isolated mechanical issue” was initially blamed for the coaster’s abrupt halt, but later it emerged that it occurred because of a broken cable. The ride was later closed for the day.

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