World's first ever crisp café in Belfast overwhelmed on first day


Crisps Image by Niklas Bildhauer / CC BY 2.0

What is considered to be the world's first ever crisp sandwich café - Simply Crispy in Belfast  - had a great first day in business as the demand for Tayto cheese and onion flavour inside the white floury Belfast bap went beyond wildest expectations.

Simply Crispy opened its doors in Belfast this morning  –  and it was all due  to a parody on such a fictitious place on a website.

Customer Nerys Coleman, 32, said: "It is something from your childhood. I have not had a crisp sandwich since university and before that childhood so it is bringing back the nostalgia."

The satirists, who have been paying homage to this Northern Ireland delicacy on The Ulster Fry website, were contacted by the owner of a pop-up Belfast restaurant about the possibility of becoming involved in the world's first crisp sandwich café.

The two individuals, who go by the names of  Billy and Seamus, had been reminiscing about the mighty crisp sandwich when they got a call from the owner of That Wee Café at Bedford Street, Andrew McMenamin, to turn their idea into reality.

And after time working on crisp sandwich ideas, Simply Crispy was an outstanding success on its opening day, according to the Irish Independent.

Owner Andrew McMenamin said: "I have been told it is the world's first."

He said a Belfast bap and Tayto cheese and onion were the most popular choices.

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