North London commuters more likely to pick classical music

London commuters

London commuters Image by Tom Page / CC BY 2.0

London rivalry on the North-South divide could reach a new pitch as a survey shows that those living above the river appear more highbrow because they listen to classical music on their commuting journeys in the capital.

The London Standard reports that a YouGov poll for the Philharmonia Orchestra, which is based at the Southbank Centre, found that one-in-four of those living in the northern part of the capital enjoy classical music en route to work compared with only 10%of travellers from the south of London.

Travelling south Londoners though appear to have the more eclectic taste, with pop, rock, heavy metal, country and reggae all featuring in the music chosen to ease the pain of travel.

The representative survey of 600 showed 57% listened to music on the way to work and 55% on the way home.

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