North Korean kimchi gets Unesco backing

The UN is about to guarantee North Korean kimchi an Intangible Cultural Heritage status, an honour already bestowed on South Korea's kimchi.

Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival in 2014

Seoul Kimchi Making & Sharing Festival in 2014 Image by Republic of Korea / CC BY 2.0

Kimchi is one of those indefinably exotic things that once described lose some of their appeal, as it is essentially spiced fermented cabbage. But even Unesco, the UN's cultural body, had to admit that it is 'delicious' in its reasons for granting it the award.

Kimchi is a staple of the diet in both Koreas and in Japan, with many referring to it as a super food to denote its many healthy properties.

There are many variations of the preparation of kimchi and also a fierce competition between the different regions who consume it, each claiming to have the better recipe and preparation.

As Korean food has become increasingly popular abroad people have developed a taste and love for kimchi, and as the BBC reports, it even made it to space in 2008 with South Korean astronaut Ko San.

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