Non-EU passengers face delays at Dublin Airport

Passengers passing through Dublin Airport experience close to an hour’s delay waiting to be cleared at immigration desks. This situation has led to a warning of a negative visitor experience by tourists arriving in Ireland.

Aer Lingus flight at Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport. Image by Brian Lawless/PA Wire

The longest queues occurred between June and September of last year, affecting people who did not have EU passports in Terminal 2.

While the Garda National Immigration Bureau looks after the inspections, 80 civilian staff have now been assigned to passport control with the aim of reducing or abolishing the delays.

RTE News has discovered under the Freedom of Information Act that the delays were over the international average of 45 minutes for people travelling from outside the EU.

The Irish Department of Transport and Tourism have sought additional personnel for close on two years to deal with the problem, pointing out that staffing levels were insufficient to deal with the August bank holiday.  The Department’s assistant secretary, John Fearon warned in a letter that the lengthy queues were leading to a negative passenger experience.

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