New York's Videology is an odyssey with genuine astronomers

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a character on physics-fuelled sitcom The Big Bang Theory? Look no further than Videology in New York's Williamsburg for the opportunity to channel your inner Sheldon. 

Space talk and travel

Space talk and travel Image by Kevin Dooley / CC BY 2.0

Time Out New York recommends trying something different and getting tipsy with genuine astronomers as one of the top free ways to spend your Thursday (26th February) evening this week.

The Brooklyn based event occurs every fourth Thursday, and is a platform for open discussion on all things nerdy during the screening of the finest science television shows and films around.

This week, the centre of discussion will be the third episode of last year’s relatively successful show Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, named When Knowledge Conquered Fear.

Behind the scenes information will be revealed regarding the development of the series, but the fun will truly begin in the discussion on what Neil deGrasse Tyson et al could have done differently.

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