New York No Pants Day fad goes global and underground

No Pants Underground Ride

No Pants Underground Ride. Image by digboston / CC BY 2.0

It was cold outside but that didn’t stop underground passengers in New York and in other centres across the world leaving their pants at home over the weekend to celebrate the 14th annual No Pants Subway Ride. The London Independent reports that travellers of all shapes and sizes joined together in some of the world’s biggest cities to take part in the yearly tradition.

The day originally started when a group of seven guys decided one day in 2000 to travel on New York’s subway without any trousers on. Since then, the concept of bare legs for a day has spread like wildfire, with pant-less train riders turning up in every corner of the globe.

In London, hundreds of passengers took part across the tube network by baring their legs. In total, passengers of over 60 different cities from Madrid to Mexico City and Barcelona to Beijing stripped down to their undies for the yearly event.

This year it is believed that the No Pants Subway Ride was the most popular ever, with tens of thousands taking part. New York participants met at seven locations around the five boroughs and then at 3 pm, they got on the subway and casually took their pants off, much to the amusement of fellow travellers who decided to stay fully-clothed.

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