New York-London flight almost supersonic thanks to 200mph winds

British Airways

British Airways Image by Aero Icarus / CC BY 2.0

Passengers on a British Airway flight from New York's JFK Airport to Heathrow in London almost had the distinction of being on a supersonic flight, thanks to the transatlantic effect of  a 200mph jet stream.

Arriving early, the Boeing 777-200 hit ground speeds of 745mph due to the powerful backing, almost reaching the 760mph speed of sound,  the London Independent reports.

British Airways Flight 114 departed New York at 10.50pm local time on Thursday last, 8 January,  and landed at 9.05am at Heathrow the next day.

That added up to a total flight time of five hours and 16 minutes, well-ahead of the usual six-hour journey.

While such speed is exceptional in traditional planes, it is still considerably lower  than those speeds reached by Concorde, which hit 1,350mph. Its fastest transatlantic crossing was recorded on  7 February  1996 - a time of  2 hours 52 minutes.

The Independent notes that at no point did the 777 travel outside of its ordinary design limits because the airspeed of the aircraft was actually lower than its ground speed.

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