NY gets more posts on Instagram, LA gets more likes

Posting holiday photos to Instagram is more popular than ever, but not all locations get the same amount of attention online. There are more pictures posted from New York, but snaps from Los Angeles get more ‘likes’, according to travel booking site Hoppa.

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles. Image by goeastlos Instagram

The company posted an infographic online exploring Instagram posts from some of the most travelled to cities.

They list the most Instagrammed destination as New York City (with more than 52 million posts), followed by London, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Miami, Las Vegas, Barcelona and Moscow.

Central Park in New York.

Central Park in New York. Image by gugachacra

Hoppa’s findings are fairly similar to that of Instagram, which released a list of its most geotagged cities in the world in December. Instagram’s list was also topped by New York City, followed by Paris, London, Moscow, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Sao Paolo, Amsterdam, Barcelona and San Francisco.

Food in Phuket.

Food in Phuket. Image by mykaimook

However, sheer volume of posts did not correlate to ‘likes’ on Instagram. The top destination for grabbing those little hearts was Los Angeles, followed by Bangkok, London, Taipei City, Miami, Madrid, Paris, Seoul, New York and Rome. Hoppa followed the numbers of ‘likes’ over different days and times “to eliminate any concern over time-zone or location-specific events”.

Hoppa further broke down their findings into popular types of posts from different cities: selfies are popular in London, scenery in Hong Kong and food in Phuket.

See the full infographic here.

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