New York ferry prices to match subway fares in mayor's plan

Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to open up New York’s river highways by expanding the city’s ferry services and setting fare prices at the same level as a bus or subway ride.

Staten Island Ferry Spirit of America

Ferry prices will be same as a bus or subway ride under new plan announced by Mayor de Blasio this week  by InSapphoWeTrust / CC BY 2.0

As an operator in the business for close on 20 years, the mayor was adamant this week: “Commuter ferries work – if you do it right.” The New York Post reports the mayor pointing out that such ferry activity had led to major developments along the New Jersey, Brooklyn and Queens waterfronts.

A major plus of this expansion takes cars off the city streets, particularly at rush hour time. “Our ferries don’t get stuck in traffic,” he stressed. The Mayor also said that the transport system could operate in virtually all kinds of weather and was way ahead of other transport systems in this regard. There was also the time factor – he estimated that on every route, commuters can save at least 20 minutes over other modes of transport. The added plus was that once on a ferry, you can tell to the minute when you will arrive at your destination, he pointed out.

Mayor de Blasio's decision to subsidise fares all but assures success for the project.

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