New York airports bottom of the pile on transit link times

New York City’s three main airports have come bottom of the pile for ease of access to them via bus, rail and subway. A new study by the Global Gateway Alliance puts Atlanta and Phoenix way ahead of what was previously thought to be a transit-friendly New York.

La Guardia described as a 'Third World' airport

La Guardia described as a 'Third World' airport. Image by Jim McIntosh / CC BY 2.0

In all, the study examined the 30 busiest airports around the globe to see how they transported passengers to and from their airports. The New York Post reports that JFK  came in joint last in the standings because of the length of time it took (47 minutes) to get from the city’s Penn Station to the airport.

The news was almost as bad for the city’s other two airports -LaGuardia and Newark – which both came in second last in conjunction with Jakarta and Istanbul. However LaGuardia has recently added on a limited Q70 service as it connects up with subway passengers in Woodside and Jackson Heights.

At the top of the scale Madrid-Barajas International Airport and the Schiphol Airport in Holland came out top of the class. It took only a 16-minute trip to get to its city centre from the airport, with Amsterdam’s only taking 30 seconds more.

Mr Joe Sitt of the Global Gateway Alliance pointed out that despite the billions being pumped into the upgrading of US airports, it would not pay off unless there was modern transit access to ferry passengers to and from the facilities. US Vice President Joe Biden remarked last year that La Guardia was now comparable to “some Third World country.”

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