New Year fireworks ban sparks e-firecracker craze in China

A new trend in setting off electronic firecrackers has become all the rage in China after a ban was placed on setting off real fireworks during the Chinese New Year.

Lunar New Year fireworks banned in China.

Lunar New Year fireworks banned in China. Image by Michael Elleray / CC BY 2.0

Fireworks are a popular way to celebrate holidays and special occasions in China, in particular during the Lunar New Year period. However, a number of cities including Shanghai have banned fireworks this year in an effort to curb increased air pollution. E-firecrackers, which mimic the look and sound of strings of bangers (the most popular choice in China), have seen a notable rise in sales this year. E-firecrackers sell for around ¥130-260 (US$20-40) in China and do not emit harmful smoke or smells that contribute to air pollution.

Megan Eaves

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