New wristband to monitor sun exposure on holidays

A revolutionary new wristband which monitors exposure to the sun by telling users when they have has enough rays, is about to go on sale.

A new wristband can help holiday-makers to monitor their exposure to the sun

A new wristband can help holiday-makers to monitor their exposure to the sun Image by Rob124 / CC BY 2.0

Fears of over-exposure, particularly on holidays, could be solved safely by wearing a cheap elastic band.

The Daily Mail reports that it contains an ink which evaporates and disappears when the wearer has been in the sun a sufficient amount of time.

This new device will come as a boost to the growing number of people who are fearful of going out because of the dangers of UV rays, thereby depriving themselves of crucial vitamin D.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dr David Hazafy, of Queen’s University Belfast claimed that their band would help to tackle this particular problem.

Dr Hazafy said because of the negative press around sunshine nowadays, it had led to people being scared of going out at all. He said that people need sunshine as a means of creating vitamin D.

UK researchers have developed the wristband which will cover different skin types with the production of three versions. They measure UV B rays, the source of 80% of all skin cancer cases.

It copies the way our skin absorbs sunlight by using a dye that gradually dwindles until it reaches the maximum recommended sun exposure level.

Parents of children on holiday can seek further protection by putting a similar amount of sunscreen on the band and that will copy how the skin reacts when also covered in sunscreen.

The Guardian reports that the wristband could be recharged overnight. When they go on sale next summer, it is estimated that it will cost up to £10 to have sufficient bands for a two-week holiday break.

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