New frequent flier service offers unlimited US travel for a monthly fee

A new service for frequent fliers just launched - called OneGo - is offering unlimited travel for a monthly fee.

OneGo organises all your flights within the US for a monthly fee

OneGo organises flights for frequent business users within the US for a monthly fee Image by Kevin Gong / CC BY 2.0

Especially aimed at the frequent business user, OneGo allows those who sign up to book ahead all non-stop US domestic flights they need each month.

This can be done across virtually all legacy carriers within the United States, according to the New York Times. All the customer has to do is use a smartphone app which then streamlines the bookings for them.

It will cost just under $3000 a month if you want unlimited national service with other packages that provides unlimited regional flight services coming in at half that amount.

The one proviso is that booking must be made more than a week in advance.

The CEO and founder of OneGo, Paulius Grigas said his company was trying to reduce the headaches involved in the process of searching for flights while also attempting to solve issues of price fluctuation.

Travellers jetting in or out of Los Angeles International Airport will find in the remodeled Terminal 2, a whole range of food and drink outlets, many with local connections. In fact seven of the restaurants will have Southern Californian roots.

This is due to the input of Westfield, the mall developer, which introduced local businesses to other airports in Chicago, Boston and other cities.

Airlines operating from the Terminal include Qatar, Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic.

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