New project hopes to restore ancient Colossus of Rhodes

A team of architects and civil engineers from several European countries has started a project aiming to restore one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, more than 2200 years after its collapse.

The port of Rhodes.

The port of Rhodes. Image by Jorge Láscar / CC BY 2.0

The bronze statue of the Greek god of sun Helios, more than 30m high, was erected on the Greek island of Rhodes in 280 BC. It was destroyed in the earthquake which hit the island in 226 BC. The goal of the modern ‘Colossus of Rhodes Project’ is to build a 150m-high structure which would serve as a museum, cultural centre and library and house thousands of archaeological findings. The new Colossus would be constructed using modern sustainable technology and covered with solar panels, and it would also keep its ancient function as a lighthouse for boats. Read more: 

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