New migrant crackdown as two-miles of fencing goes up in Calais

Two miles of high-security fencing is to be built by British authorities at the Channel Tunnel port in France as part of a new crackdown against illegal migrants.

Port of Calais, France.

Port of Calais, France. Image by Mortimer62 / CC BY-SA 2.0

The measure was agreed following the serious escalation in incidents where stowaways are breaking into heavy vehicles which are bound for entry into the UK. The Daily Telegraph reported that the Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said the action to provide nine-foot high police barriers was necessary to protect the lorries at the terminal in Coquelles near Calais from thousands of illegals trying to get across the border.

The Minister will also hold urgent talks this week with the European Commission and haulage firms in an effort to force foreign lorry companies to improve the security of their vehicles. He stressed that in the aftermath of the Tunisian beach massacre, this new approach was crucial against the heightened risk of foreign jihadists trying to enter the country.

Work is beginning this week and it is hoped that it will be completed by the end of next month. The barriers will protect 2.5 miles of track and platforms areas currently used by trains carrying vehicles, making it much more difficult for lorries to be interfered with without detection.

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