New Japanese beer promises to make drinkers more attractive!

It seems too good to be true, but drinking beer in Japan can help make you look younger and stay wrinkle free. Well, that’s the claim Suntory, a brewery in the land of the rising sun, is making for a new product called Precious.

Japanese beer that helps to get rid of wrinkles

Japanese beer that helps to get rid of wrinkles Image by Nicola / CC BY 2.0

The beer has the skin regeneration benefit of collagen – a sort of protein in connective tissues - that slows down naturally from the age of 25 on.

This fact, along with the craze for collagen in Japan, has prompted marketing gurus to launch a campaign that claims drinking their beer contributes to firm and youthful skin. The tag line for Precious is nakedly sexist: Guys can tell if a girl is taking collagen or not.

Weird Asian news online reports that each can contains two grams of collagen. And beer is not the only product to contain collagen on the Japanese market as collagen-flavoured marshmallows can also be sourced at many outlets.

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