New helicopter service offers $99 rides to New York airports


Helicopter Image by David Merret / CC BY 2.0

New York travellers may be in for a new era where helicopter services from the city to airports will rival the traditional mode of  car taxi rides.

A new service begins tomorrow with the aim of making chopper trips affordable, not just for the mega-rich but for ordinary travellers too.

Gotham Air will offer flights starting at just $99 from Manhattan to JFK and Newark Liberty airports, the New York Post reports.

Last year, Blade launched its service and while its presence has added convenience, the $500 fee for a seat puts it at the upper end of luxury travel.

Gotham Air CEO Tim Hayes wants to change public perception of helicopter travel. “We want to give as many people as possible the chance,” he said.

The introductory offer of $99 from Gotham reverts to a range from $199 to $219, depending on the time of day and the airport. The choppers will depart from three Gotham Air terminals in Manhattan.

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