New cameras in Hertz cars raises fears of spying on drivers

Tourists and business personnel hiring Hertz car better be extra-vigilant in future. The car rental giant is upgrading its inside car technology by installing driver-facing video-cameras in over 12% of its new stock. The New York Post says the company has confirmed that the technology is part of its “never lost” GPA navigation system.

Hertz are putting cameras in some new cars

Hertz are putting cameras in some new cars Image by dhub limited / CC BY 2.0

Although the cameras are not yet fully set up and working, with the proper technology they will improve the service by allowing a customer driving to talk to a customer service rep. However, there are consumer concerns of a big brother factor coming down the road with such installations.

Consumers say the fear is that the USA’s No. 2 car rental company could spy on those who rent their vehicles. A number of drivers criticised Hertz on twitter, forcing the rental company to respond who said it was just a feature of the ‘Never Lost’ upgrade should the company feel it should activate it in the future.

Currently, the company says the cameras are not operating but only would down the line at the renter’s “sole discretion.”

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