New app calculates cost of Skopje’s lavish revamp

A new interactive app, 'Skopje 2014 Uncovered', allows users to find out the costs of the extravagant government-funded revamp of Macedonia’s capital.

Skopje, Macedonia.

Skopje, Macedonia. Image by Milo van Kovacevic / CC BY 2.0

The app is combined with a database to provide details about the costs of the renovated buildings, new sculptures, monuments and fountains known as the ‘Skopje 2014’ project. Users of the app can take a photo of any of the structures to access information on its cost. By using the panorama photography feature, they can calculate the total cost of a group of structures located close to one another. The cost of the 'Skopje 2014' project is currently estimated at a total of 633 million euros.

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