Netherlands hit by worst storm since records began

Saturday saw the Netherlands battered by one of the worst storms since the region began documenting weather measurements in 1901.

Stormy seas whip the coast around The Hague.

Stormy seas whip the coast around The Hague. Image by Paul van de Velde / CC BY 2.0

One person has been reported dead after their car was hit by a tree and several others have been wounded. As well as a significant amount of damage the storm resulted in the closure of highways, severe delays in public transport and many flight cancellations. Schiphol Airport was reduced to one runway during the peak of the storm and dozens of flights were either delayed or cancelled from Friday night until Saturday evening. A spokesperson from the Association of Insurers have advised people to check any damage to their properties and reported that the extent of the financial damage would become clear on Monday as insurance offices open for business. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are predicted to bring in the highest insurance claims - due to the storm severity and concentration of people - according to the Association. Read more:

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