Nazi-looted Klimt masterpiece to stay in Austria

A piece by Klimt.

A piece by Klimt. Image by freeparking / CC BY 2.0

It has been recommended by The Art Restitution Advisory Board that Austria keep a Klimt masterpiece that was robbed by the Nazis. The Beethoven Frieze, regarded as one of Austria’s most treasured artworks, was painted by Klimt directly onto the Succession Gallery walls in Vienna in 1902. The artwork was sold to August Lederer, a Jewish industrialist, and later confiscated by the Nazis. Although the painting was returned to Lederer’s descendants at the end of the war, it was sold back to Austria in 1972. The family launched a claim for its return in 2013 stating the painting was sold under pressure and the price was too low. Culture Minister Josef Ostermayer will have the final decision on whether to return the work but has said he will go with the panel’s recommendation. Read more:

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