Native American site in New Mexico vandalized

Petroglyph National Monument, New Mexico.

Petroglyph National Monument, New Mexico. Image by Justin Brockie / CC BY 2.0

Graffiti, trash and illegal campfires were found scattered around a site Petroglyph National Monument near Albuquerque, New Mexico. The superintendent of the park said he discovered the vandalism, alongside shotgun casings and motorcycle and RV tracks, while exploring the area. The vandals painted volcanic rocks with phrases such as ‘Love Jesus’ and ‘Crazy Bone.’ One local monument advocate said the vandals even shot the petroglyphs. The national monument is one of the largest petroglyph sites, or areas containing prehistoric signs and symbols carved into rocks, and vandalism is rare but devastating. Crews are working to clean up the damage done by the vandals. Read more:

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