Mt Fuji climbers advised to bring helmets in case of volcanic eruption

As the official Mt Fuji climbing season opens tomorrow, authorities have urged climbers to bring helmets as protection in the event of a volcanic eruption.

Hikers climbing up Mt Fuji.

Hikers climbing up Mt Fuji. Image by Azlan DuPree / CC BY 2.0

The move comes after 67 people were killed in the eruption of Mt Ontake in September last year. The local government has also distributed 1500 sets of helmets, goggles and masks at mountain stations, along with evacuation maps. The head of the Yamanishi Prefecture division on disaster prevention and crisis management emphasised the importance of understanding the risk of volcanic eruption and being appropriately prepared. About 285,000 people climbed Mt Fuji last year. The volcano last erupted in 1707. Read more:

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