Men drive motorised picnic tables through Perth suburbs

Police in the Western Australian city of Perth are searching for a group of men who used motorised picnic tables to drive through the city’s beachside suburbs.

Perth city centre.

Perth city centre. Image by Dr. Umesh Behari Mathur / CC BY 2.0

In a case described by the nation's media as possibly “the most Australian crime of all time”, the nine men drove motorised picnic tables through traffic wearing only flip-flips and shorts. The police said they were concerned for the safety of the men riding on the tables as they were not wearing protective clothing. If identified they could be charged with driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and drink driving. However posts on the police Facebook page searching for the group drew only amusement and faux concern from the public. Comments included: “This is pure ‘larrikinism’ in it's highest form and anyone messing with it is totally unAustralian”, and a safety concern: “they could spill those drinks!!!”. Read more:

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