Missing hiker stumbles out of Alaskan wilderness and is ignored by civilisation

Chugach State Park, Alaska.

Chugach State Park, Alaska. Image by Lynda Cazort / CC BY 2.0

A hiker who was lost in Chugach State Park, Alaska for two days stumbled into Bird Creek, a town on the Seward Highway near Anchorage, but initially found it difficult to get help. John Carlos Mann was ignored by drivers along the highway and turned away from a bar, before he eventually found assistance and warmth at a motel. By the time he arrived, his hands were shriveled and white and he was near hypothermia. He explained that he became lost while hiking on Crow Pass Trail and a 14-hour hike turned into two days and two nights. While lost, he slept overnight in the snow, aided by an emergency blanket and a sleeping bag. Read more: adn.com

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