Missing English-speaking parrot turns up talking Spanish – 4 years later

A pet parrot that spoke with an English accent when it disappeared from home has been reunited with its owner four years later – but now speaks Spanish.

African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot Image by Papooga / CC BY 2.0

A California vet was responsible for bringing the unlikely reunion about between bird and owner when she mistook the African grey parrot, Nigel, for her own missing bird.

The Los Angeles Daily Breeze reports that the vet, Teresa Micco, then tracked the parrot’s microchip to its original British owner, Darren Chick, a resident of Torrance city.

When she asked him if he had lost a bird, Mr Chick said 'no' initially because he it had happened so long ago. Then it dawned on him that she was talking about Nigel.

The owner revealed that it wasn’t the most auspicious of reunions as first the parrot bit him and then started chattering on in Spanish.

‘I knew him from the minute I saw him,” Mr Chick said, adding that the bird was now doing fine back home where he belongs.

Nigel was found by a woman outside her home who then brought him to Micco after seeing one of her ads.

Before doing so Julissa Sperling kept the parrot at her dog-grooming business. She claimed he was a quick learner and ended up barking like the dogs.

As someone with a Panamanian background, she also understood him when he kept saying ‘What happened?’ in Spanish.

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney said that Ms Micco had been running ads without success to see if she could locate her own missing bird for nine months. Her parrot, Benjamin, escaped in February and has not been heard of since then.

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