Mexico opens new border crossing in Tijuana

A new facility, costing $6.9 million, has been opened at the Puerta Este Mexico-San Ysidro border as Mexico strives to do its bit to improve border facilities.

San Ysidro border crossing.

San Ysidro border crossing. Image by Herb Neufeld / CC BY 2.0

The new crossing is said to vastly improve the experience of the 22,000 people that traverse the border every day. Luis Videgaray, Mexico’s secretary of finance and public credit said that the Puerta Este Mexico-San Ysidro crossing offers a ‘modern, comfortable, efficient, rapid and friendly service’. Authorities are slating this new entrance as a foundation on which future border facilities can be modelled. The opening comes as part of a larger binational scheme to improve border safety and controls between the US and Mexico. Read more:

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