Come explore with Marco and Amelia: Amelia visits the Amazon

Kids Blog - amazon-boat
The Amazon Rainforest is home to amazing wildlife

Where can you find the most diverse wildlife on the planet? In the Amazon Rainforest! Marco and I just got back from the most epic adventure exploring the Amazon through the countries of Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

The Amazon Rainforest is fed by the HUGE Amazon river that runs through more than six countries in South America! So I was most definitely prepared for a trip of a lifetime, from packing bug spray and hiking boots to binoculars and emergency snacks! I mapped out a route that would take us to just some of the area's main highlights.

We first arrived in the jungle city of Iquitos in Peru, where we took a trip out to stay on the river in amazing hand-built huts.

Kids Blog - Houses among lush foliage on Napo riverbank, Iquitos, Peru
These cool huts were handmade and stood right by the river

From here we visited a butterfly farm that breeds creatures like the blue morpho, which has such bright wings! Marco managed to get up close to it for a quick snap before it fluttered away.

Kids Blog - Peleides Blue Morpho
The blue morpho butterfly was a little camera-shy

We then headed into Colombia by boat, to Puerto Nariño. I couldn't quite work out what it was that was different in this town. Then Marco suddenly realised and pointed out that there weren't any cars or motorbikes around! In Puerto Nariño, motor vehicles are not allowed into the village – except for the local ambulance and recycling truck!

This made it a really peaceful place, where we went on a boat trip through the rainforest and saw a lovely orange sunset over the water, we then rushed back to our hotel before it got too dark!

Kids Blog - Boat returning to port during sunset
The Amazon has such beautiful sunsets

Our next stop on the journey was Leticia, which is a busy port town that is split between three countries! It sits in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. We used this as our base to explore the rainforest around this area. Despite it being called a rainforest we had nice sunny weather.

Kids Blog - amazon-bridge-final
We walked among towering trees and wobbly bridges

Our guide took us through towering trees, over wobbly bridges and through swampy rivers in sweltering heat, on the lookout for wildlife.

I warned Marco not to stray too far away from us on his hunt to get a good picture, as it would have been a hard job trying to find him amongst all the plants. We managed to stick together and get good snaps when we spotted a cheeky little spider monkey and a noisy toucan!

Kids Blog - Spider monkey hanging in a tree.
The spider monkey struck a pose for the camera

Kids Blog - "Exotic Toucan Bird in Natural Setting, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil"
This toucan made a lot of noise from its colourful beak

The most surprising part of the trip was definitely our next stop. Not only did we see a dolphin in the Amazon River, it was a PINK river dolphin! They were really friendly, leaping out of the air right near our boat and following us downstream.

A pod of dolphins popped up to say hello

We ended out trip in Manaus, which is often seen as the 'gate' or starting point to exploring the Amazon – except it was the other way around for us! Marco and I tasted lots of colourful and tasty fruits we'd never set eyes on before. I have a huge sweet tooth, so my absolute favourite fruit was Bacurí. It's got creamy pulp inside it, which is sometimes used to make ice-cream! Delicious.

Kids Blog - amazon-market
Manaus had lots of fun foods to try

Worn out from all that adventuring and wildlife spotting, we headed home to rest. The Amazon is such an exciting place to explore, there is nowhere else in the world quite like it!


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