Manhattan's Pier A welcomes visitors after two decades

 Pier A near the southern end of Manhattan

Pier A near the southern end of Manhattan. Image by Harvey Barrison / CC BY 2.0

One of New York's most famous and picturesque piers is welcoming visitors again after two decades of neglect. During that time Pier A has sat empty on the tip of Lower Manhattan just across from Ellis Island. However the goods news is that the public is once again welcome on the pier.

The pier has always been a subject of interest since its construction between  1884 and 1886 by the city’s Department of Docks for its use and that of the Police Department harbor patrol. The New York Times reports that it also housed the famous clock tower to peal the time in ship’s bells and which is understood to be the first permanent World War 1 memorial erected in the US.

The iconic pier was supposed to have been demolished, but Battery Park City Authority fortunately didn’t go ahead with that undertaking. Instead they renewed the regal structure as part of a 25-year deal with Peter Poulakakos, a prominent city restaurateur.

The lessees, as well as Mr. Poulakakos, include Paul Lamas, Michael Jewell and Daniel McDonald. Over the 25-year lease, they are to pay $41 million in rent to the authority. In addition, the authority is to share 8% of the gross revenues above $18 million.

Mr. McDonald said the partners have spent about $20 million to fit out the spaces. The first-floor beer hall opened two months ago and the second-floor restaurants and bars are now opening for business.

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