Disabled man to complete tour of France by wheelchair

Moroccan-born Khalil Ibrahim Hamzaoui is planning a Tour de France-style expedition around France by electric wheelchair.

Moroccan-born Khalil Ibrahim Hamzaoui

Moroccan-born Khalil Ibrahim Hamzaoui Image by Khalil Ibrahim Hamzaoui Facebook

Hamzaoui suffers from polio, but he doesn’t let that affect his ambitions and he hopes that his upcoming challenge will inspire others with similar disabilities. Hamzaoui will visiting several universities on his journey as he is also using the trip to collect data for his PhD dissertation in computer science at the Lille University of Science and Technology. He will travel using a Mountain Electric Wheelchair (MEW), which has the capacity to tackle various terrains and can travel up to 20 kilometres per hour. Writing on his website Hamzaoui says, ‘Travelling is a pleasure. With a scientific goal, it’s a motivation. With the presence of [a] handicap, it’s a challenge.’

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