Man shoots grizzly bear found inside his home

Niki Traverse of Kimberley, BC, woke at 5am on Sunday morning to the barking of her Jack Russell terrier. When she went into the kitchen to inspect what was going on, she found a grizzly bear eating dog and cat food.

Grizzly bear fishing.

Grizzly bear fishing. Image by brewbooks / CC BY-SA 2.0

She went back to the bedroom to rouse her husband Mark, who retrieved his hunting rifle and went to confront the bear. ‘I went to the kitchen, turned the light on and where the bear was, he came at me and I took a shot,’ Mark told CBC News. He fired two more shots before the bear stopped moving.

Conservation officers arrived a few hours later and noted that the 15-year-old bear appeared to be in poor health. It’s rare for bears to enter homes in search of food, but when one does it’s usually a black bear. Read more (WARNING – includes graphic photo of bear):

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