Making a home in Samoa, by Emilia Marsden, 6

Our latest writing competition with Disney's Moana was all about having an epic adventure. Here, runner-up Emilia tells us all about moving from Germany to Samoa, and the amazing creatures she meets in her new home.

Samoa blog 1
Emilia's bat, just one of the creatures she has got to know in Samoa

My home is actually in Germany. Last year I moved to Samoa with my family and it was new for me. I was frightened because I couldn’t speak English. In Samoa the sun shines every day. We went to lots of beaches. And we saw some dolphins. And we saw a hole with turtles in it. I had a bath with them! And we saw lots of fish and corals and I took a dive with them. At Namua Island we were sleeping in a fale. A fale is a beach house. And there are nice palm trees. And the water is blue here. I learnt how to make a basket with leaves.

We have a nice house in Apia. And in our garden there are some bats at night. And I like my puppy. We went up a mountain and we saw Samoa from the top! Now I have a friend. His name is Sebastian. And I go to swimming class and to school with him. My teacher says I am good at Samoan. I am really happy that I am in Samoa. I love Samoa and the adventure here!

Samoa blog 2
Emilia's illustration of diving in Samoa

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