Magaluf’s new drinking laws fail to deter revellers

A packed beach in Magaluf.

A packed beach in Magaluf. Image by Chris / CC BY-SA 2.0

Binge-drinking holidaymakers in Magaluf appear undeterred by new laws introduced last week to crack down on drunk and disorderly behaviour in the Mallorca resort, leaving locals in dismay.  As of Monday the eighth of June, drinking has been banned on the streets of Magaluf between 10pm and 8am. Fines of between €750 and €3000 can be issued for those caught urinating in public, stripping off in public or swimming naked. Bar crawls, which previously could have attracted up to 100 participants, are now capped to a maximum of 20 people. An extra 36 police have been called in to help enforce the new laws at the resort, but sceptical locals have complained that the manpower is nowhere near enough to bring under control the 5000 holidaymakers – mainly Britons – who can descend on the resort’s main strip in a single day during the peak holiday season. Read more:

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