Madrid assault flags AirBnB safety concerns

AirBnB has promised to reassess its safety procedures after a 19-year-old traveller from the US claimed he was sexually assaulted by his host while staying in an AirBnB rental in Madrid.

Madrid, Spain.

Madrid, Spain. Image by M.Peinado / CC BY 2.0

The American reported being trapped in the apartment by his host, a transsexual woman, and was only released when he managed to persuade the woman that he was due to meet friends and it would be suspicious if he failed to turn up. Before being released, he called his mother in the US who called AirBnB for help, but the accommodation booking service would not reveal the address of the private rental to her directly. Instead, AirBnB told her to call the Madrid police and get the police to call AirBnB for the address, but she was unable to get through to anybody who could help. Read more:

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