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Our family travel pathfinders have kicked off the year in style with posts from every corner of the globe. Journey from Nicaragua to Fraser Island, explore Venice Beach and discover some great places to visit to teach your kids about the Civil Rights movement in the US. Lastly, we've taken this round-up down a scatalogical route with some great tips for potty training while on the road.

One of the major benefits of travelling with kids is that they get to learn about the world and how the past influences the present. This post lists 15 different places across the States to bring the Civil Rights movement to life for children. Time to start planning this all-important road trip?

Tamara blogs at we3travel.com. She likes to blend a bit of education, cultural exploration, adventure and good food into every trip. 

Australia’s Fraser Island is famous for being a fairly rugged slice of paradise off the Queensland coast so it’s not somewhere you automatically associate with family travel. Here Jess gives us a comprehensive list of things to do which the whole family will love.

Jessica believes travelling with kids teaches them tolerance. Follow her blog at travelswithjess.com.

If the lakes, volcanoes and colonial cities of Nicaragua have put this country on your family’s bucket list, you’ll find this thoughtful post rather useful. There are lots of kid-focused tips plus specific itinerary advice, as well as a healthy dose of enthusiasm for this Central American gem as a family-friendly destination.

Ariana blogs at worldoftravelswithkids.com. She believes adventures can be both global and local. 

Venice Beach with kids – Marta Correale

Another thoughtful post here, this time exploring why you should or shouldn’t take the kids to Venice Beach, Los Angeles. As with many things to do with parenting, it all depends on your own comfort levels, but Marta has certainly convinced us that Venice Beach would be pretty fascinating (and fun!) to explore as a family.

Marta explores the world with her husband and two kids. Follow her blog at learningescapes.net

Family travel bloggers love to cover the practicalities of taking the kids away, but funnily enough potty training doesn’t get much air time – mainly because no-one ever recommends you do it while on holiday. We love a blog post which encourages us to try something unusual – and why should potty training be any different? Have a read for some great tips and, most importantly, the confidence to give it a go!

Jason and Jenny love to travel and believe that having young children shouldn’t change that. Read more at travelynnfamily.com.

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