Looking for a holiday date? There's an app for that

Have date will travel could well be the name of the app called ‘Miss Travel'.

Ap puts together people who like to travel to go on a date

App puts together people who like to travel to go on a travel date Image by Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The on-line dating site links single holidaymakers in the matchmaking stakes. It now has over half-a-million members across the globe with the largest concentration in the US, Britain and Canada.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the process is simple - users are matched up with others who have similar holiday plans, they can then scrutinise each other in the usual way before deciding to meet up with the one that suits best.

The founder of the site, Brandon Wade, puts it simply: “Travelling is a great way to fall in love.” The Telegraph says the website is different to the myriad of other sites out there as men have to pay to sign up while women don’t. It claims that most of the users are wealthy, middle aged, divorced men looking for holiday companionship.

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