London’s pop-up Pignics week to champion piggies as pets

An English pig-breeder is coordinating a ‘Pop-up Pignics’ week for Londoners interested in adopting a piggy as a pet.


Micropig. Image by Lwp Kommunikáció / CC BY 2.0

Pet Piggies co-owner Marc Cox claimed pigs were smarter than dogs and in many instances because of their great temperament, were better as pets than either dogs or cats. He told the New York Daily News that his company breeds the pigs as pets as well providing them for promotional events. The ‘micro pigs’ which he breeds are up to 17 inches tall and similar in size to a bulldog. Fully grown micros need to be fed two cups of specially developed "pig nuts" a day, said Mr Cox.

On the company website, the virtues of these pigs are championed as being “smarter, cleaner and less smelly” than dogs or cats. Normally, the pets should be adopted when they are between 6-8 weeks old. The owner revealed that the event has already had 1,800 registrations but he stressed that they would give prospective clients a full-sense of what was needed to become a pig owner.

The event will be held on the 21st and 25th of May in London with admission to the fund-raiser for animal charities costing £30.

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