London's cycle superhighway has gap at Buckingham Palace

Boris Johnson’s flagship cycle superhighway has hit a brick wall - or at least a big gap in his plan - directly in front of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Victoria Memorial

Queen Victoria Memorial Image by shining.darkness / CC BY 2.0

Representatives from the Royal Parks Agency don’t want the segregated cycle lane routed in front of the Queen Victoria Memorial and instead want it to pass along the edge of The Mall.

The Evening Standard reports that this stand is being taken although there appears to be no objection from either the Queen or her household at the route which would pass only 20m in front of the gates of her residence.

The possibility of a 300m gap in the superhighway  - from Birdcage Walk and Constitution Hill - has become a subject of irritation to aides of the Mayor, particularly as the palace area is an accident blackspot for cyclists and pedestrians.

It was hoped that last week’s approval by the Transport for London (TfL) board for the superhighway would see it completed within 14 months. The route will run between Acton and Tower Hill, while also linking with the CS2 superhighway to Bow.

The proposals for Buckingham Palace were due to increase space for the daily thousands of tourists who gather to watch the Changing the Guard. This traditional ceremony is a daily event between May and July and takes place every every second day for the rest of the year.

As well as that Spur Road between the memorial and Birdcage Walk, is one of over 30 priority junctions earmarked for upgrading by TfL aimed at improving cycle safety.

TfL say that changing the superhighway along The Mall, which has an existing cycle lane, would be a recipe for disaster as the prospect of collisions between pedestrians and cyclists increases dramatically.

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