London Underground removes Germanwings ads

Almost 80 ads have been removed from London’s Tube stations for Germanwings after the horror crash of an airline plane in the French Alps which killed all 150 people on board.

Germanwings' advertisements pulled on London subway

Germanwings' advertisements pulled on London subway. Image by Mark Harkin / CC BY 2.0

Transport of London (TfL) said that the German company had requested the removal of the billboard and other advertising which urged commuters to “get ready to be surprised.”

The Toronto Star reports that the posters displayed a Germanwings flight attendant standing beside the words, “Get ready to be surprised. Visit Germany.”

A spokesman for TfL said that 65 digital advertisements throughout the subway system were removed within an hour of the airline getting in touch. In addition, TfL also took down 15 larger advertisements which are situated in tunnels and were also taking a further two ads down.

The Germanwing flight 9252 from Barcelona en route to Dusseldorf crashed when the plane’s co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked the cockpit door after the captain had momentarily left it and crashed the plane carrying 144 passengers and six crew members.

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