London set to become mega city with 13m population

The London Skyline

The London Skyline. Image by Paul Wilkinson / CC BY 2.0

London's future population growth will make it Europe’s first mega city. Places such as Southend, Stevenage, Slough, Guildford and even Tunbridge Wells could become outer city suburbs, according to new research.

It is expected that London’s population will hit a record high of 8.6 million this month, beating the previous peak set in 1939. Website CityMetric’s research says the city’s real population, if based on its ‘economic footprint’ is closer to 13 million, which would see it take on the mantle of Europe’s largest city.

The website, ITV reports, argues that the current metropolitan London's formal boundaries do not factor in the influence which spreads over large chunks of Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and Kent as well as the former county of Middlesex. The website has compiled EU statistics to create a map defining London's 'larger urban zone' which also includes Harlow, Watford and the Medway towns.

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