London police test finds 356 officers out of shape

Metropolitan Police HQ

Metropolitan Police HQ Image by Dave Crosby / CC BY 2.0

Hundreds of out of shape Metropolitan police officers have failed a basic fitness test.

At least 356 police men and women in London didn’t reach the required level in the ‘bleep test’ shuttle run first introduced in April last year.

For Londoners and the millions of tourists who visit the capital every year, the failures raise concerns over these officers’ ability to chase and catch pick-pockets, bag-snatchers and other criminals.

The Evening Standard reports that a total of 117 male officers of the 9,377 failed the bleep test and 239 of the 2,998 female officers who took part also pulled up short.

If an officer fails the fitness test at the first attempt, it is advised that at least two retakes are permitted before forces use “unsatisfactory performance” against the participating officer.

While most officers only have to achieve the basic fitness level, members of the Met’s specialist firearms unit must reach level 10.5 and perform a 20-second rope hang.

Public order and armed response vehicle officers must also achieve a higher standard.

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