London hotel apologises for Je Suis Charlie offence

The Hoxton Hotel, London

The Hoxton Hotel, London Image by Chris March / CC BY 2.0

The Hoxton Hotel in London has apologised for the offence it caused for appearing to use the hashtag, “Je Suis Charlie,” to promote a new hotel opening in Paris, following the terror attacks there last week.

Responding to the widespread criticism on social media for linking the hashtag to a future commercial venture, the Hoxton admitted in a statement that it had shown “poor judgement” in using the hashtag.

ITV news reports that the public backlash was sparked by the post with two pictures on The Hoxton's Facebook page.

These were accompanied with the comment: “Proud to be opening our second european hotel in Paris 2016. Very chic don’t you think? #jesuischarile.”

Social media reaction was swift and highly critical and highlighted the misspelling of the hashtag, now one of the most shared in Twitter’s history, after the terror attacks experienced in France last week.

One tweet described the Hotel’s action as “a massive sensitivity fail”.

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