London's most unique doors are the stars of this Instagram account

Doors are undoubtedly fascinating objects. They spark our curiosity by hiding different worlds and having unique designs, or colours, and are generally a pleasure to look at. And that’s why one rising Instagram account is dedicated to celebrating them— particularly those in the city of London.

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London's doors are the stars of a rising Instagram account. Image courtesy of The Doors of London

The Doors of London Instagram page has around 39,000 followers and counting and is run by amateur photographer and self-proclaimed “door obsessive” Bella Foxwell. She moved to the United Kingdom’s capital from Brighton for work, and at first, exploring the city in her free time was simply a way for her to get to know it better.

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Bella Foxwell wanders through London's streets to find the best doors to photograph. Image courtesy of The Doors of London

The Instagram page, though, was born almost as an experiment. Bella told Lonely Planet she wanted to see if the strategies she applied as a digital marketing counsellor actually worked. “Doors were an easy subject choice because I was already strangely obsessed with them,” she said. “And luckily London has no shortage of beautiful architecture!”

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Why doors? Bella said that she's always been strangely obsessed with them. Image courtesy of The Doors of London

Her perfectly-framed pictures, though, aren’t all clicked by chance. “Finding an Instagrammable door without advance planning is rare,” she confessed. “But very exciting when it happens”. Most of her shots though are researched through geotags, Google Street View, other pictures and explore sections. By now, she has “a list of street names that I know I can revisit as seasons change”. Although she’s of course always looking for new areas to photograph, because travelling to new parts of London is still what Bella thinks makes her account so fun.

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A lot of meticulous research goes into finding the best and most Instagrammable doors. Image courtesy of The Doors of London

As expected, it’s very hard for Bella to choose just one favourite door, even though she said that “it’s probably a purple door I found in Kentish Town”. That’s because the rest of the house is painted pastel green and framed with wisteria. “You can’t go wrong with wisteria,” Bella said.

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This wisteria-framed purple door in Kentish Town is what Bella would say is her favourite out of all the ones she's photographed. Image courtesy of The Doors of London

If you’d like to explore London through its doors, then, and keep up with Bella’s wanderings, you can do so by following her Instagram account here.