London cyclists to benefit from new safety spray

An innovative new spray has been created in an effort to promote cycling safety on the streets of London. Invisible except in the glare of oncoming headlights, the product developers are confident that it "does not affect the colour or surface of your chosen material" and cannot be seen in daylight.

Cycling in London

Cycling in London. Image by Tejvan Pettinger / CC BY 2.0

What is particularly convenient about the spray is the fact that it can be applied to virtually all surfaces, from bicycle helmets to bags to clothing and even to the bike itself. The idea is already taking off with almost 2000 free cans available in six cycle shops in central London and Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, according to the Daily Telegraph.

If the trial is successful then the spray may soon be made available nationwide by Volvo, the car company who are attempting to cut cycling collision cases, that usually amounts to over 19,000 accidents per annum in Britain. ‘LifePaint’ can also be used by vulnerable pedestrians and it can be applied to children’s schoolbags and pushchairs.

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