London beats Paris to become Europe’s most visited city

It’s one up for London as the English capital has come out ahead of Paris in the race to be Europe's most visited city. According to the latest research by Euromonitor International, London was the destination for 16.8 million arrivals compared to their French counterpart’s 15.2 million.

London Eye

London Eye Image by Maurice / CC BY 2.0

The Daily Mail reports that the leading three destination cities in the world’s top 100 list, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, remain unchanged from 2012. This was due to their traditional attractions and close proximity to the burgeoning Chinese travelling market. The research found that while there is a strong flow of China people going abroad on holidays, tourists aren't flocking to China. However, the world's most populous nation remains the leading country in terms of the number of cities featured by one country in the top 100 with a total of eight.

Turkey features strongly in that list, with Antalya, Istanbul and Artvin enjoying an increase in visitor from last year mainly due to the increased numbers of Russian arrivals. Zurich returned one of Europe's highest growth rates for arrivals with a rise of 23.6 per cent. The Swiss city welcomed 2.26m arrivals in 2013 with more Chinese and Russian visitors credited as the main reason. Euromonitor predicts that the United States, the second largest source for outbound travel in 2013, is the market to watch out for in the future. The emergence of a better economic environment, a stronger dollar and lower gas prices will likely boost outbound travel from the US.

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