Local government in Hawaii inks $45 million conservation deal

Long known for its epic surfing and small towns, the North Shore of O‘ahu has been a place to get away from the hustle of the island’s major city – Honolulu.

Turtle Bay resort, Hawaii.

Turtle Bay resort, Hawaii. Image by Simon_sees / CC BY 2.0

Last month the local government for the North Shore finalized a $45 million agreement that will help preserve the area’s natural beauty. Elements from the state on down to the local level, as well as the US Army and a resort in the area, have agreed to protect 630 acres from development in perpetuity. Negotiations began back in 2010, when the state purchased two large parcels of land from Turtle Bay Resort, a 443-room property adjacent to the acquired land. The details of the deal allowed Turtle Bay to retain ownership of the land, but the resort gave up the right to build upon it. Sixty more acres of property fronting Kawela Bay went to the state. Proponents of the deal say it will allow the area to remain protected from future development, putting an end to a planned expansion of Turtle Bay. Read more: travelweekly.com

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